It’s the fact that you looked

her in the eye, and pressed

your ever faithful lips

against hers…

that these tears came

streaming down my face.

Late nights in the street

lights made this love

complete, but you gave

away our moonlit embraces.

Our love was once infinite.

But now my heart has been

awakened to the sunset

boulevard that I too shall

belong to another.

Every song comes to an end

and this time my heart has

taken a bow.

( Hello, people I hope everyone’s year is going well so far. So this is just a quick disclaimer.

My blogging schedule is going to be a bit disrupted and all over the place due to some unforeseen commitments hence I’ll be online less but I’ll definitely do my best to try and keep up with all of your blogs until I can weasel my way out of it. )

Sorry guys 😔