My Day In Pics

Hey guys, so I got nominated for this fun tag My day in pictures by
Richa  from iScriblr and I gotta say it is a joyous moment for me since I am obsessed with taking pictures,

About the tag ;

Well its a simple joyful tag, where you share your day


So let’s  begin, 

My first drink of the day, yum 😍 that first cup of coffee in the morning ( with foam off course)[[[[[[
My first view of the day  Good Morning
My morning pic of the day, (It’s ritual for me to take pics in the morning before I set out for the day)
My book of the day  🤓

My moment of the day,  I played with this cutie for longer than I should have
My walk of the  day, I set out to create more awkward moments in my life
My food of the day. I stuffed my face with awesome healthy food ( Ps I did a lot of eating )
My dreamy moment of the day, I stared at the clouds wishing I could hug one
My treat of the day, yap I did  some more eating ( but this time it was only a fruit salad )
Some nature time for the day ,I was going to hug this tree but there were way to many ants on it ☹️
My series of choice for the day

So there we have it, my day in pics.

Honestly eating was the main thing I did with a little bit of nature trailing and this or that

Rules :

 Tell me about your day in pictures (preferably own snaps). Use the pictures snapped/taken during 3 last days.

2 It should reflect – who you are, what do you like or doing on a daily basis.

3 Name for the post – any or “My day in pictures”.

4 Humor is welcome; no rush with post (take as much time as you need) and it’s not obligatory (Please don’t forget to create a “pingback!” I would hate to miss on your posts.)

5 Nominate 3 to 5 or as many as you like! ( I’mma bend the rules so its free for all )