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Won’t you melt away my lonely nights,

cause my skin hungers for your touch.

Your arms the cradle I’ve been dreaming of

since you left my heart distraught and

barely breathing.

I am the mess you created when you

scattered your love all over my heart.

Left me gasping for your kisses of life,

I am owned, rhythmically seduced into a

trance by the feel of your touch.

Lying in wait, you left my heart naked and

in love with you.

Night Fall

I made this dream about you,

so take me to the scatter of the fallen nights,


the flowers are blooming and my heart is

draped in your garments of love.

A twilight of chivalry, these minutes are

heaven made, when you say you will always

come back to love me.

Leavened by the buttery melt of your gaze,

your words drizzle my heart with the

chocolatey savor of your love.

Mon dieu ! now my heart ills from

the aches of your spell.

Hey loves,

This post is my first in a really long while I’ve missed this and you guys terribly … idk I still don’t have my words right but I’ll be getting up to speed with everybody’s blog asap.

Nobody Love

Comely cheeks freckled

with rows of blush,

I let my guard down.

I guess you bathed my

heart in scarlet red and

I want to be that someone

that you love.

Your eyes shine with love

behind your veil of pain,

drowning my every

thought in the morning


I kind of like the way you

are, an avalanche of raw

emotions, destined to crush

into my euphoric heart.

And just to know how it

feels, hold no one else in

your arms but me.

I may not know which way

I’m going but for you I will

wait till the meadows